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The Original No-Tie Laces

Discover U-Lace.

The U-Lace story is actually your story.

U-Lace as a brand helps people express who they are.
We save people time and money. We give them confidence. We make people’s lives easier. And we do it one elastic shoelace at a time.

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Established In 2009!

We help people.

U-Lace has a positive impact on kid’s lives.

One of the incredible benefits U-Lace has had, has been its impact on the lives of autistic kids that don’t have to struggle to tie their shoes every day. We are also the leading brand of elastic shoelaces disabled people use. We couldn’t be happier about that!

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Real Life Testimonials

Love them! These are so fun! The hardest part is deciding on a pattern. Grandsons hate tying shoes. So do I after five kids and teaching elementary school. Tied enough shoes! These are perfect for us!

Bonnie D.Verified Buyer

They go with everything. I bought theses for a friend that had a stroke. She can now wear tennis shoes again. Your product is amazing.

Tricia W.Verified Buyer

Perfect for Kids!! My daughter LOVES her new U-Laces. They make her Converses so fun and colorful, plus easy to wear.

Amanda V.Verified Buyer

Products work very well. I like U-lace laces b/c they can be configured so many different ways to help shoes be snug enough to stay on during wear.

GenvieveVerified Buyer

Perfect. I bought these for my Grandson with autism and they have been perfect. He would come home from school with untied shoes because he didn't want the other kids knowing he can't do it. These are perfect. Thanks.

David C.Verified Buyer

Shoes tied easy. I really love these laces not only for me but for my grandson too. A lot of kids shoe laces seem to come untied way to easy today,especially high tops. I don't why but it seems like the laces are real slick or smooth but now that I put your laces in his shoes he has no problem and as for me I just love that I can just slide my feet in and go, easy peasy!! Thank you!!

Tammy M.Verified Buyer

Happy 5 yr old, Happy Mom! My 5 year old insisted on having a pair of shoes that Sadly enough for mom and dad, had laces. Of course we refused to learn to tie them. Ulace were the perfect answer to our dilemma! Everyone ask "what are those" and " where did you get them"! Thanks Ulace!

Jamie D.Verified Buyer

Where have you been? a dream come true. I love these laces because I only have use of one hand and these laces allow me to just slip my foot into the shoe and go without having to tie. I think U-lace should include telling people that suffer from arthritis or loss of use of a hand that their product will set them free.

Brett S.Verified Buyer

HAPPY Customer 🙂 Product as described and easy to use. Will buy again.

Terri B.Verified Buyer

Easy and Comfortable. I have replaced 4 pair of my shoes with U-Lace laces. My shoes are easy to get on and very comfortable. Thank you.

Janice G.Verified Buyer

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